Our Core Values

At DLS, we take our core values very seriously. Our core values are the fundamental beliefs of our people, the hard-working, creative, funny, intelligent, amazing weirdos that we are proud to call DLSers.


DLSers always express a high level of enthusiasm at work. The enthusiasm comes from the meaningful jobs we do and great values we create. For DLS, enthusiasm is regarded as a machine to amplify each individual's effort and strengths so we could generate more meanings and values to the company as well as the society. As a result, each DLSer receives a well-deserved reward and appreciation.
Enthusiasm is a common language within DLS and is upheld by all of our people in every act. Work performance might vary from time to time, but the dedication to work is consistently contained in the DNA of each DLSer.


Kindness is a moral value that every DLSer believes in. Kindness as helpfulness towards someone in need, not in return for anything, nor for the advantage of the helper themselves, but for that of the person helped.
We are kind to our teammates. Every DLSer is always willing to do their best to support others without having an expectation of praise or reward.Kindness is as a matter of course DLSers have to do.
We are kind to our customers. Every DLSer wishes the best to our customers, and that wish is more important than our profit. The reason is not that we want to get our customers to buy our products again and again, we simply sympathize with their difficulties when putting ourselves in their shoes.


At DLS, we often give ourselves and others a so-called "Advance on Trust" .
We advance trust to encourage our employees to try at least once. Try so we and our teammates do not regret missing any opportunities. Try because the opinions, conceptions, and beliefs of experts, leaders, or CEOs may not always be correct or appropriate. Try because the trust coming from the results of the work, the satisfaction of customers, and the market data is absolutely right.
We advance trust to cooperate together. Our culture refers to the belief that every DLSer wants to do well and dedicate themselves to bring nothing but the best products with the highest value to our customers.
We advance trust to every DLSer equally. Therefore, we don’t apply any biometric time and attendance system. We don’t make deductions from your salary when you are absent. If you need to go to work late, simply notify your direct managers. If you prefer taking some time off work, notify the authorized people in advance. There is no need to verify the credibility or reliability of your words, because our culture will eliminate those who don’t match up to our core values.


Loving but not indulging is the philosophy of DLS. It lies between unconditional and conditional love because only parents love their children unconditionally.
Love at DLS is conditional, earned on the basis of you showing appropriate and worthy DNA. It is the love of those who see each other as family, who share the same values of enthusiasm, kindness, trust, and love.